Kimberly Williams

Testimonial / April 16, 2019
Gunn’s fitness is a safe haven for all of those with a desire to be active and healthy. As a PE and Health teacher who could possibly know better than someone who teaches it every day? I was completely self absorbed and believed I what I was “doing” was ok. As a brand new teacher out of college, year one was tough and rough. Over the summer I decided to join Gunn’s fitness but told myself I couldn’t make class times with my teaching and athletics schedule with the “I will be back next summer” attitude…we all know I was “too busy” and didn’t go back.
In June of 2017 I made a commitment to myself to go back through the summer. I had just taken on the role of athletic director for the middle school in which I worked, and was beginning graduate school. It seemed a perfect storm would again demolish my plans once school started…but I didn’t let my crazy life prevent me from doing what is best for me. I talked a colleague into being my accountability buddy and we both became addicted-quickly over the summer. We were in class 4-6 days a week, giving everything we had. As school approached I told myself I can do 2 days a week and make it work somehow. We had a group of 5 teachers do a 24 day jumpstart (challenge) as school started and if addiction could be “more” real this is when it did. I saw results faster than I could have believed, I had energy, with my 15-18 hour work days, and I was in a much better mood. When we went back into school days I had many mornings where I knew Regina, Kevin or Trina we’re coming in at 6am just for me, they never complained just asked that if I couldn’t make it to let them know the night before. Soon another teacher noticed what was going on, and put me out of my guilt by joining as well. We pushed each other to be better. We were each other’s accountability-ear infection? “It will be good for you!”, can’t breath? “It will help clear you up”. Regina, Kevin ans Trina always listened to us, even if we couldn’t actually verbalize it, but never let us slack off. I have lost more inches than I can count, toned beyond what I believed was possible. A year from the day I started back I was able to do the very first work out from when I rejoined (of course I didn’t finish it the first time) with nearly 3x the weight and I actually finished the entire thing.
I am standing here 1.5 years later after I went back, having survived the most stressful year of my career, with a listening ear of the best people I could ask to train with, more toned and lean then I could have ever imagined, and a real example for my students. I know I still have room for growth and I 100% am willing to keep it up, and to always find a new goal. We are growing the 6am crowd and couldn’t be happier not to be alone anymore.
The relationships with the people at GunnsFitness aren’t friendships they are family through and through. The Ardnt family is some of the most amazing, selfless people and I am honored to train with them, even if Faith can do better bear crawls and Danny lifts heavier weights! Love you guys!
Kimberly Williams