Testimonial / October 21, 2015

One day in December, close to Christmas, I looked in the mirror and just lost it. I couldn’t believe how far I’d let myself slip, gaining almost 60 lbs in just a couple years. What did I do to myself? Several times over the weight gain process I’d diet and go to the gym for a week, only to fall back into my unhealthy ways quickly. By never sticking to a diet or engaging in hardly any physical activity, I found myself packing on the pounds. Then it came down to this cold day in December, when I couldn’t even stand to look at myself anymore. The next decision I made, changed my life. I decided I couldn’t do it on my own, I lacked any motivation whatsoever. So by God’s grace, I was directed to Gunn’s Fitness by a quick google search. I was so embarrassed of my weight, I wanted a woman’s opinion, so I contacted Regina. After a few emails back and forth, I felt like she really cared and wanted to help me make a change. I finally made an appointment to go visit Regina for a consultation, and I weighed in at 199 LBS! I could barely do a push up or a sit up. I had no balance. I signed up for 3 sessions a week, and decided to do the 24 day challenge. The rest is HISTORY… Now I still have to make myself work out, but I enjoy it a lot more. Once I started seeing results (even after a week!) I knew this was the program for me… My energy sky rocketed, and I felt so much better. In only 7 months, I have lost 45 lbs… I even wore a bikini for the first time in 3 summers. I finally have my self esteem back, my life back, and I don’t have to hide under a rock anymore. Regina Gunn saved my life, and I will never forget the things she has done for me. 10 more lbs to go to goal weight! Bring it on!
Katie before and after