Who we are, what we do

About Gunns Fitness

``If you don't grab the reins and take responsibility for your actions, all the advice in the world won't help you succeed.``


Gunn’s Fitness is founded on a pure passion and commitment to help people find their way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  We are relentless in the pursuit of ones well being, and will find the drive and motivation within oneself to master life long, sustainable results.  

It's Fun

Workouts are NEVER, and we mean NEVER the same. Your body adapts to the stresses you place on it. Therefore, workouts need to be changed up constantly in order to shock your muscles with something new! PLUS, you won’t get bored. Looking forward to your workout is half the battle!



Whether you are personal training with Regina, or you are attending boot camps with one of our incredible instructors, you are part of our amazing family. Our staff aren’t the only ones committed.  This family is comprised of the most encouraging group of people that welcome each newbie with open arms! Isn’t it time you had an entire tribe in your corner? Join our family! You’ll see what makes us so different.