Pain is Love:  "The next decision I made changed my life."



Katie!  An amazing success story!One day in December, close to Christmas, I looked in the mirror and just lost it. I couldn't believe how far I'd let myself slip, gaining almost 60 lbs in just a couple years. What did I do to myself? Several times over the weight gain process I'd diet and go to the gym for a week, only to fall back into my unhealthy ways quickly. By never sticking to a diet or engaging in hardly any physical activity, I found myself packing on the pounds. Then it came down to this cold day in December, when I couldn't even stand to look at myself anymore. The next decision I made, changed my life. I decided I couldn't do it on my own, I lacked any motivation whatsoever. So by God's grace, I was directed to Gunn's Fitness by a quick google search. I was so embarrassed of my weight, I wanted a woman's opinion, so I contacted Regina. After a few emails back and forth, I felt like she really cared and wanted to help me make a change. I finally made an appointment to go visit Regina for a consultation, and I weighed in at 199 LBS! I could barely do a push up or a sit up. I had no balance. I signed up for 3 sessions a week, and decided to do the 24 day challenge. The rest is HISTORY... Now I still have to make myself work out, but I enjoy it a lot more. Once I started seeing results (even after a week!) I knew this was the program for me... My energy sky rocketed, and I felt so much better. In only 7 months, I have lost 45 lbs... I even wore a bikini for the first time in 3 summers. I finally have my self esteem back, my life back, and I don't have to hide under a rock anymore. Regina Gunn saved my life, and I will never forget the things she has done for me. 10 more lbs to go to goal weight! Bring it on!

The week of March 9, 2010 I woke up and said enough is enough. I joined weight watchers to help get my eating under control. My first weigh-in was embarrassing. I could not even weigh in on the weight watchers scales. I had to go somewhere else to weigh in. I found a place, and sadly I weighed 440lbs. Wow! It was definitely time to make a change.

After just the first week, I was able to weigh in on weight watchers scales! This was a small, yet positive step forward, and the train was rolling. After a few weeks I started going to the gym. At first I began with just cardio, but knew I needed to add in weight training. I started lifting with high reps. Then one day I met Regina Gunn of Gunn's Fitness. We talked about health and weight loss, and she told me if I ever needed anything to just ask her. Well from that point, I hired her as my personal trainer. Not only is she my trainer she is a friend that cares. I had told her that I was tired of yo-yoing all my life with my weight. This time was going to be different! I'm determined to never go back. At this point, I have lost 160lbs, and I'm going strong!

Regina calls me her "Man on a Mission!" I am currently training to run my first 5k & from there a triathlon. There is nothing that can stop me. NOTHING!

Rusty update - Here's a picture from the Sandy Feet 5K where Rusty was determined to run in under 30 minutes. He did it!

"It is hard to describe how grateful you are when you see the potential you can reach within yourself. After meeting Regina and getting started with Gunn's Fitness, that is exactly what happened to me. I knew I needed to get healthy and work hard on the physical components of getting in shape. Regina not only helped me get in control of eating right, she pushed me to my limits and beyond physically, which is something I will always be grateful for. After 3 months of working with Regina, I had reached my goal of losing 20 lbs and had never felt better about myself, both inside and out. Regina's extensive knowledge in personal training makes her stand out both in the gym and running in the park.

I trusted her professionalism, technique, expertise, but most of all she always made me feel comfortable! I cannot thank Gunn's Fitness enough for the life-changing improvements it made on my life forever."
--Jennifer Neet

"Regina, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful efforts over the past year and a half of training me at your facility. The main reason I started was due to the herniated disk in my back and my need for regular Core exercises (which I was NOT doing on my own!). The pain in my back subsided and along the way I got into incredible shape! My body is now toned in all aspects, my upper body is much more muscular, my body fat is at a minimum, and I feel great every day! You have taught me how to work out, what to expect of myself, and to really enjoy it. Keep up the great work! See you at our next session!"
--Richard Queen

"I have achieved many goals while working with Gina: weight loss, toning, and physical conditioning. Gina always believed in me, even when I came up with the crazy idea to do my first triathlon at age 46. She was a constant source of advice and encouragement, she led me through every step of my training, and was there when I crossed the finish line."
-- Maureen Boone

"Regina has turned my life around. Thanks to her I have completed two 5K runs and the best part is I feel GREAT!!! After working out with Regina, I am able to enjoy life more because I am able to be more active. I have more energy and in general am a happier person. Last but not least I have lost weight and inches! I am grateful to Regina for ALL of my success; I could not have done it without her!!!"
--Bridget Dearing