Pain is Love:  "The next decision I made changed my life."


About Gunns Fitness

"If you don't grab the reins and take responsibility for your actions, all the advice in the world won't help you succeed."


No crowded gyms, gym memberships, or sign up fees, EVER! Gunn's Fitness is a private training studio that allows their clients the comfort of a personal facility. Each client is different, and is treated that way. There are no uniform training programs! Everyone has different goals, and we will come up with the best way to meet those goals, TOGETHER!


Workouts are NEVER, and we mean NEVER the same. Your body adapts to the stresses you place on it. Therefore, workouts need to be changed up constantly in order to shock your muscles with something new! PLUS, you won't get bored. Looking forward to your workout is half the battle!


Whether you're trying to lose weight, tone, or get ready for a marathon, we can help you do that. Training programs and advice on nutrition are all tailor made for whatever your goals may be. All it takes is hard work and discipline, along with a little guidance and motivation! Gunn's Fitness will be there every step of the way, high fives and all!